Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let's See Where This Road Takes Us....

You may have started noticing some changes on the blog... we're in the process of updating and revamping for the new year!  This change will include a brand new name, "What Kristin Found" and brand new address at (although you can still access the site through the old addresses as well).   A huge thank you to everyone for being such an encouraging group of amazing supporters... I want to do everything possible to keep you coming back, inviting friends, sharing, and loving everything posted here and on all our social media sites.  Thanks for being awesome and let's see where this road takes us!

All posts can now be found directly on my facebook group! Name Brands for Less! Women's Clothing and Accessories


  1. It’s always a great idea to change things up in order to avoid monotony. Glad to see you’re more active on Instagram now. Keep creating good content.


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