Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dress Like You're Going Somewhere...

top (true to size) // jeans (if in between sizes, size down) petites  // pumps (similar) // bag // bracelet (similar)
I've had several stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms tell me recently that they want to get out of their yoga pants and wear something that makes them feel more put together, but sometimes they just have no where to go.  I get it mamas.  I feel you.  I AM YOU.  After my kids were first born I can't tell you how many times the hubs would call to say he was on his way home from work and I'd realize I was still in sweats (or worse, still in my pjs) and I'd run upstairs and throw a pair of jeans and a nice tee on just to look somewhat presentable.  It's hard.  I get it.  It took until my oldest started going to preschool that I decided I needed to get back to dressing in a way that made me feel more like me again.  Don't get me wrong I was plenty happy in my sweats, but when you dress good you feel good.  Truth.

Question: But what do you do when you want to dress nice but you just have no where to go?
Answer: Dress like you're going somewhere better later.

This mantra CHANGED the way I dress.  There are still plenty of days when I wear sweats, but now there are also plenty of days where I wear pumps to the grocery store, because hey, sometimes that's the outing of the day for a SAHM or WAHM.  Plus... I'm going somewhere better later.

So what's one of my favorite things to wear as a SAHM?  Mom jeans.  No, I'm not lying.  Mom jeans have changed ladies.  They've totally changed and they're completely and ridiculously amazing.  These jeans I'm wearing in this post... high waisted, tummy controlled, flat panel, pull on jeans.  They are the most inanely comfortable pair of jeans I own.  And no, they're not really just for moms, anyone can rock these babies (pun intended, get it?)  Grab a pair, dress em up, and act like you're going somewhere better later.

top (true to size) // jeans (if in between sizes, size down) petites  // pumps (similar) // bag // bracelet (similar)
top (true to size) // jeans (if in between sizes, size down) petites  // pumps (similar) // wallet clutch // bracelet (similar)

If it looks like I'm crazy excited about this wallet/clutch in the pic above, that's because I am!  I waited forever for this to go back on sale... it just came and it was worth the wait.  So many card slots!


  1. Love it all! I need a link to the green top! <3

    1. Sorry about that! I just updated the link so it should work now. Just in case here it is! http://amzn.to/2j3XHgU

  2. Absolutely love your sense of style. Its so similar to mine. So nice to find someone with the same tastes as me. Love your blog a lot!