Monday, November 14, 2016

Superheros Style!

My daughter just had her 6th birthday party yesterday (An American Girl Party!), but I just realized that before I can share about I have to share about my son's SUPER awesome SUPER HERO birthday party that we had way back in August!  We celebrated super hero style which was extremely fitting for him as he is obsessed with all things super hero and we decided to turn the party into a superhero training camp!  The kids had to create their own superhero names, decide on their special super hero power, and then go through the training camp which tested their speed, strength, agility, and of course their spider web shooting skills.  All the kids successfully passed and became true superheros!  They got to celebrate with presents and cake and then lots of water fun!  It was an awesome day and we are so thankful to all who helped us celebrate our favorite little superhero!  Check out the fun!
I created the banners in the background and then found the printables in the vases off Pinterest, cut them out, put them on skewers, and they made great little centerpieces!
I purchased the digital file for these superhero letters off ETSY.  Our sons name is Beckham, but we call him "BeckMan"
the kids training camp cards, also found on Pinterest!
believe it or not, the cake was from Walmart and was pretty darn awesome!

The kids each got super hero capes and masks and they were the hit of the party.  They doubled as decorations until after the food was served- then they became official superheros!  Here's where you can find the boy superhero capes and the girl superhero capes.
My mom made this awesome Captain America fruit platter!

The kids in their capes! (boy superhero capes // girl superhero capes) 

Training Camp!  They had to run fast...

leap over buildings...
rescue a cat on the other side of the ladder...
climb a wall...
and of course.... practice their spider web shooting skills, which was the highlight of the party!  The grownups all put on masks I picked up at Walmart and an all out war ensued!

Talk about a SUPER fun time!  Don't forget to check out all the other party posts here!  And if you're on Facebook, be sure to join us over on KIDS DEALS for all the best deals on kids toys, clothes, and baby and children's items!  See you there!

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