Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Things You Never Knew You Needed for a Disney Cruise!

There is so much to think about when packing for your Disney Cruise, but today I have a list of the top 5 things that you probably never knew you always needed for your cruise! Trust me, there were a few that we didn't bring that we REALLY wished we had when we were aboard the Fantasy.  All of these will make your life a little easier and will help you to relax and enjoy even more when you're on board! (I've included affiliate links to help you shop for these much needed items!)

1) Big Water Bottles- We thankfully knew about this ahead of time and brought some water bottles from home since the cups at the drink stations are tiny.  We loved being able to run up to the drink station and fill our bottles up for the day so we didn't have to keep making multiple trips.

2) Multicolor Highlighter- One of my favorite things was sitting out on our veranda every morning with my room service coffee, the daily navigator, and my highlighter and highlight all the activities and character appearances we wanted to hit that day.  I'm so glad we brought a multicolor highlighter because I used different colors for different things (ie. pink for things our daughter would love, blue for our son, green for the whole family, etc.)

3) Multiple USB charger- If you've heard there are limited outlets in the staterooms, that is absolutely true.  While there are enough available to get by, you'll most likely be wishing that you had something like this.  We like to charge all of our devices overnight and we weren't able to do that because we forgot our multi usb charger.  Lesson learned.

4) Portable Travel Lock Box- These are awesome for when you're at the ports.  Just hook them to your beach chair and put in your phone and wallet, lock it up, and go enjoy the water without worrying about your valuables.  Tip- get one for each adult in your party, you'll be happy you did.

5) Portable Hamper- I bring my popup hamper everywhere.  It's just nice to have a place to keep all that dirty laundry.  It folds flat so it's easy to store in your suitcase.  Pick one up from the Dollar Store or order through Amazon for a few bucks more.

*Edit- Okay okay, so I know I said 5 things, but I thought of more and I just have to mention them!

6) Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case- These are great for keeping your phones and Key to the World Cards dry when you're on the Aqua Duck or at port!  They get amazing reviews!

7) Retractable Sharpies- SOOOO much easier for the characters to use when signing autograph books!

8) Drink Carrier- You will be so happy you have this!  More often or not just one of us would run up to the drink stations and fill up four cups at a time.  This will all you to carry 4 drinks at once without juggling and it folds down easy to fit in your luggage.

So there's my list of things you never knew you always needed for a Disney Cruise!  Did I miss anything?  What else would you add to this list?  Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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