Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Berry Sweet 1st Birthday Party

Our little girl had a fair share of health issues her first year of life, so when her first birthday rolled around we wanted to make it a huge celebration of her little life and all that she had endured in those first 12 months.  We call her Shorttcake so it was fitting to have an underlying Strawberry Shortcake theme! I pulled the Strawberry Shortcake colors for inspiration and there were lots of subtle berry touches throughout.  The biggest hit was the sweets table, which featured lots of homemade treats and set the stage for a berry sweet party!

everyone was invited to write a message into the "Happy Birthday to You!" book

Wall of fame that featured a photo from each month enlarged to 8 x 10's and backed with scrapbook paper
a festive sweets table that featured the cake, smash cake, homemade treats, and party favors

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  1. i hope this trip proves to be a memorable one for you. i wish i could get one too after i get done . well, keep us updated with everything. thank you