Monday, May 16, 2016

Rupunzel Art Party

We're currently traveling on our Disney Cruise but I wanted to still leave you with a partying on this Happy Monday... and this is a two for one!  This past year my daughter talked me into having two parties for her... the family party and then what she called her "girlfriend" party with all her little girlfriends from school.  The theme was Rapunzel and it was so much fun to put together! One of the most memorable lines from Rapunzel's movie Tangled, is when she finally gets out of the tower and says, "BEST DAY EVER!" which is a phrase we here often from our daughter, so it was quite fitting!  Rapunzel loved to paint so the party had a paint theme to it as well and we had paint sets, personalized smocks, and pallet suckers for the little party guests.  Food was served in frying pans, the cake included Rapunzel's tower made from donuts, we played "pin the pan" on Flynn Rider, we painted lanterns, and overall just had lots of fun enjoying the day with family and friends! 


This was probably my favorite cake yet!  I ordered a two tier cake and then added on the doughnut tower topped with a muffin and a sugar cone covered in purple chocolate (thanks to Pinterest for the idea)  It turned out super cute!
the food table with the personalized smocks as the backdrop


For the second party we made it more of an overall princess theme and kept it super simple.  After preschool on her actual birthday she had a few of her close girlfriends over for what we called a  birthday play date (it made it feel less stressful than calling it a party for some reason).  She had been talking about this idea for the past year, so she was over the moon that it was actually happening!  We kept it small and she chose four special friends to invite over (unfortunately one ended up with the stomach bug and couldn't make it at the last minute).  I have never seen this child so happy!  When the girls arrived they got to choose a princess dress to wear, pick out some jewelry, and they created their own tiaras.  Then we had lunch, painted lanterns again and followed that up with some fun party games!

The birthday girl was very specific that she wanted everyone to wear princess dresses, so we hung up her (ridiculous) collection and when the girls arrived they were able to choose a dress for the party... they thought this was the greatest!
She also requested a tray of jewelry where the girls were able to choose jewelry to match their gowns
Such a fun time, super simple, and stress free, the way all birthdays should be!
 There you have it!  Another party to brighten up your Monday! I'll be back next Monday with another party... next up, a golf party!  Have a great week all!

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  1. I have been searching for something new on this Halloween and you have just solved my problem.This witch hand really looks so creepy.