Monday, April 18, 2016

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon 1st Birthday Party

Happy Monday, let's start the week partying!  Everyone knows I love a good party, and we've thrown some fun ones.  Our kids are now fully involved in the party planning process (which I love) and throughout the year they will constantly tell us what theme they want for their next party (it changes about 20 times), what kind of cake they'd like, and they'll randomly spout out ideas for activities, crafts, or games to play.  I love looking back through past parties, and I have to say my favorite was little man's first birthday... an all-american, radio flyer themed party that focused on his favorite thing... a little red wagon. 

To welcome guests, I made a simple little rag wreath to hang on the front door.  It's so simple, just get a wreath form from your local craft store, cut fabric into strips, and loosely tie them around the wreath form for the easiest (and cutest) little DIY wreath!  Literally took all of 5 minutes.  The hello decal was purchased through ETSY.
I made the fabric pennant banners with the same fabric from the wreath (which I used everywhere), with some cardstock cut into triangles, a hot glue gun, and ribbon.  Super easy!

I made this chalkboard sign in Publisher and then had it enlarged and printed at Walgreens for the focal point of the party
the vintage coke crate that we used for his newborn photos (he was laying in it!) was re-purposed as a centerpiece

I created a monogram that was used throughout the party
and made this sweet little hand painted banner for the focal point of the mantle along with more of the fabric pennants

Cake by Nomeka's Cakes

How cute is the teeny tiny radio flyer?!
the balloons did not stay in the wagon too long!
"Beck Burgers" were the hubs slider creations.  They were the hit of the party!
red wagon toppers were purchased through ETSY

I created some simple favor tags using the same graphic I had created for the monogram

these cute little red wagon favor bags were a sweet touch for the end of the party, if I only could remember what we put in them!
I always knew I'd love throwing little girl parties, but I have been so surprised about how much fun it is to create boy parties!  What's you're favorite little boy party theme?

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