Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Twin Birthday Beach Bash!

Okay, okay, so they're not really twins, they're cousins two weeks apart and they had a joint second birthday party that was double the fun!  The theme was an "End of Summer Birthday Bash"  and it focused on their favorite place, the beach! There was a Pool Side Pizza Parlor with three types of "specialty slices", a Surf Side Sweet Shop complete with a beautiful (and delicious!) cake, a Hydration Station with Ocean Water, a beach visor decorating station, and even a treasure hunt in the front yard! I'm pretty positive these two little munchkins had a blast at their birthday party and I know they thought it was so awesome that they got to celebrate together!  Check out all the fun details!

This giant 2 cost $2 to make!  I simply free-handed the number on a large flattened cardboard box and cut it out.  Then I took two rolls of streamers ($1 each) and simply tightly rolled to the desired size of each "rosette", tore it from the roll and glued the edge shut with a hot glue gun.  Then I cut it in half (to make two rosettes) and hot glued them onto the cardboard letter!  Super simple, inexpensive, and took very little time!




aka veggie sticks

the cones ended up getting crushed so we made a fruit cone salad and it was delicious!





how pretty is this cake?! and seriously one of the most delicious cakes EVER
doing double duty as a party craft and a party favor, each child got to make their own beach visor!

This party makes me want to go to the beach!  What was your favorite part?  I think mine was the Pool Side Pizza menu, I love that the pizzas were named after the kids!

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  1. Amazing decor, amazing looks, beautiful cake. Everything seems to be so perfect in this post. Stay blessed and have a great day.