Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Gray Living Room Makeover (with pops of color!)

It was time. Time to give the most used area of our house a facelift.  Our family room is the hub of our home.  It is central to everything, as in literally every room in our house surrounds this space.  When we moved into this house we brought with us all the furniture from our previous house and made it work... and it did, for almost four years, but everything was looking very "loved". As much as I wanted to redo this room since moving here, I'm actually really glad we waited so that we could see how we really lived in the space.  It is now truly the perfect place for our family (and it helps that it's a little prettier too!)  I wish I had a picture of this space when we first moved in... the stairwell railings were oak, there was white carpet, no surround on the fireplace, a  terrible light fixture, and white walls.  After all that was taken care of, here's the before:
and AFTER!
We went with dark gray couches in a kid friendly fabric from Macy's.
The couches have such clean modern lines that I wanted to bring in some more classic pieces to soften the space
The open space feels so cohesive but the rug really grounds the space and makes this room feel separate from the kitchen area.
We kept all of our large purchases very neutral, but added in our personalities with accents pieces in a mix of patterns and colors.  I know most people think navy and black together is against the rules, but I vote to break the rules. 
I've had so much fun changing out this gallery wall this past year, but I wanted to do something more permanent that would fit with every season.  I love what we ended up with... typography of all the things that are important and meaningful to our family
We've been working on updating this room for a while now, so it's a relief to finally have it finished.  As I've said from day one, we bought this house knowing it would be a work in progress to get it where we wanted, and we still have plenty to do!

So what do you think?  What's your favorite item in the new space?

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