Monday, April 25, 2016

A Classic Pink Princess Party

litttle girl party idea
I love starting the week off with a party... and this was a sweet one!  When the little princess wanted a princess party for her third birthday I knew classic was the way to go.  We went with a pink and gold theme and went with some unusual decor including paint chips to make garland, sticks from the woods (hand picked by birthday girl herself) to make a centerpiece, and gold spray painted pumpkins we had picked from the pumpkin patch. The best part about the party prep was that the birthday girl was included in everything from sending out the invitations, to helping make her own cake, and of course putting together all the decor. We had a blast gearing up for her big third birthday and she kept saying to me, "this is going to be the best party ever!" 

paint chip garland free centerpiece
Grab a handful of paint chips from the paint store, cute the bottoms and string them, and voila.... free garland!
classic pink princess party
I chose various shades of gold paint chips which made the garland really pop!
classic princess party
in between the garland I printed out some classic storybook phrases in a storybook font on parchment paper and framed them
classic pink princess party

free centerpiece idea
the easiest (and most inexpensive) centerpiece ever.  Branches in a vase with hangtags that I printed and cut out with a shape cutter hung with some pretty pink ribbon
free centerpiece idea
You can't beat a free centerpiece!

free centerpiece idea paint chip garland

a few banners with some classic princess phrases were printed and hung all around.  The gold spray painted pumpkins were a fun touch, and I added a little crown to the white pumpkin out of construction paper to make it a little more festive!
monogram candle
I added ribbon to candles to coordinate with the theme and printed a monogram onto vellum and wrapped it around a few of the candles as well for a personal touch

A hand painted banner I created was the centerpiece of mantle along with more paint chip garland
paint chip garland free
for this garland I used paint chips in shades of pink and added some simple scallop cutouts

The princess (barbie) cake and cupcakes with picks that matched the other cutouts

favor bags
gold favor bags with personalized tags were a fun way to thank our littlest party guests

 favor bags 

And there you have it!  A pretty little pink princess party!  Princess parties are big in our household (we've had three variations now!)  What's your favorite little girl party theme?


  1. Grab a handful of paint chips from the paint store, cute the bottoms and string them, and voila.... free garland!New York princess party

  2. Superb princess party!! Honestly in love with these centerpieces. You really did a great job in arranging them. I am also planning a party at one of local Los Angeles venues so will have yellow themed party. Looking for best ideas for it.