Sunday, January 8, 2017

Let's See Where This Road Takes Us....

You may have started noticing some changes on the blog... we're in the process of updating and revamping for the new year!  This change will include a brand new name, "What Kristin Found" and brand new address at (although you can still access the site through the old addresses as well).   A huge thank you to everyone for being such an encouraging group of amazing supporters... I want to do everything possible to keep you coming back, inviting friends, sharing, and loving everything posted here and on all our social media sites.  Thanks for being awesome and let's see where this road takes us!

All posts can now be found directly on my facebook group! Name Brands for Less! Women's Clothing and Accessories

Monday, November 14, 2016

Superheros Style!

My daughter just had her 6th birthday party yesterday (An American Girl Party!), but I just realized that before I can share about I have to share about my son's SUPER awesome SUPER HERO birthday party that we had way back in August!  We celebrated super hero style which was extremely fitting for him as he is obsessed with all things super hero and we decided to turn the party into a superhero training camp!  The kids had to create their own superhero names, decide on their special super hero power, and then go through the training camp which tested their speed, strength, agility, and of course their spider web shooting skills.  All the kids successfully passed and became true superheros!  They got to celebrate with presents and cake and then lots of water fun!  It was an awesome day and we are so thankful to all who helped us celebrate our favorite little superhero!  Check out the fun!
I created the banners in the background and then found the printables in the vases off Pinterest, cut them out, put them on skewers, and they made great little centerpieces!
I purchased the digital file for these superhero letters off ETSY.  Our sons name is Beckham, but we call him "BeckMan"
the kids training camp cards, also found on Pinterest!
believe it or not, the cake was from Walmart and was pretty darn awesome!

The kids each got super hero capes and masks and they were the hit of the party.  They doubled as decorations until after the food was served- then they became official superheros!  Here's where you can find the boy superhero capes and the girl superhero capes.
My mom made this awesome Captain America fruit platter!

The kids in their capes! (boy superhero capes // girl superhero capes) 

Training Camp!  They had to run fast...

leap over buildings...
rescue a cat on the other side of the ladder...
climb a wall...
and of course.... practice their spider web shooting skills, which was the highlight of the party!  The grownups all put on masks I picked up at Walmart and an all out war ensued!

Talk about a SUPER fun time!  Don't forget to check out all the other party posts here!  And if you're on Facebook, be sure to join us over on KIDS DEALS for all the best deals on kids toys, clothes, and baby and children's items!  See you there!

Monday, July 18, 2016

My Birthday Fix! Stitch Fix Reveal July 2016 (#6)

It's my birthday week!  Yay!  I decided to schedule a birthday fix and went completely out of my comfort zone by requesting all surprises (and I am NOT a fan of surprises).  I have to admit I changed the note to my stylist about 20 times because saying "Surprise Me!" was so out in left field for me, but ultimately I gave up control and gave her free range to select five clothing items for me for my birthday and she did a great job!

Ok, now on to the good stuff!  Here's what was in my Stitch Fix box this month:

Pixley: Hawn Mixed Material Top (XS)

watch // shoes
Details:  I had pinned a similar top on my Pinterest board and was so happy to see that my stylist, Kate, picked up on it!  I've been wanting a fun floral and I love mixed media tops.  The bright colors are so pretty for summer and I love the way this fits.
Verdict: Keep!

Warp & Weft: Mattie Skinny Jeans (size 2 26x26)

 Details: I was excited to try these on as I really loved the other pair of jeans I was sent in my very first fix (by Kut From the Kloth) and I actually am in need of new skinny jeans.  These fit me like a GLOVE.  I mean, they were perfect everywhere... almost too perfect... I'd be afraid to gain even a pound in these for fear they wouldn't fit.  They are super cute and felt great on, but I ultimately just felt like the price tag was too high for jeans I liked, but wasn't in love with.
Verdict: Return

 Skies are Blue: Klide Woven Back Knit Top (XS)

Details: I LOVE this color green and I have nothing like it in my closet, so it was a perfect choice by my stylist!  It's another mixed material top (which I love) but this time the front is knit (vs the back being knit on the Pixley above).  It has pretty little geometric detailing down the front and around the neckline and then the entire back is that same fabric.  It's super pretty and I love the pattern on the back!  Unfortunately, I'm just not loving knit tops on me here lately and I feel like I looked wider in this than I actually am, so sadly this one was sent back.
Verdict: Return

Papermoon: Liroy Button Placket Knit Top (XS)

Details:  My stylist knows I'm a sucker for stripes and I was excited to see these colors as they're not normally ones I would gravitate towards.  I always love to see short sleeve shirts because my wardrobe is seriously lacking them, and I usually have great luck with the Papermoon brand, but this one was just a little too long for my liking and as much as I want to love knit tops, I'm just not finding them to be flattering on me.  Verdict: Return

 Collective Concepts: Rodax Jersey Dress (XSP)

Details: My stylist knew she was pushing me out of my comfort zone when she sent this!  The print is nothing I would ever gravitate towards and the colors aren't quite my style either, but I appreciate that she took a risk and sent this anyway.  She was right on the cut, it is perfect for me and the fit is amazing.  I love that the top is fitted and the bottom is fun and flowy.  I also appreciate that this is a petite so the length is great for my 5'0" frame.  I'm stumped on what to do this one.  Help me out, what do you think?
Verdict: Undecided

Final Thoughts:  Being surprised is hard!  While this fix wasn't a home run for me, I really appreciated the thought that my stylist put in to selecting each item for me this month with ZERO input or requests and it was nice to be pushed out of my comfort zone a little!  Let me know what you think... did I keep the right things?  Thoughts on the dress?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Berry Sweet 1st Birthday Party

Our little girl had a fair share of health issues her first year of life, so when her first birthday rolled around we wanted to make it a huge celebration of her little life and all that she had endured in those first 12 months.  We call her Shorttcake so it was fitting to have an underlying Strawberry Shortcake theme! I pulled the Strawberry Shortcake colors for inspiration and there were lots of subtle berry touches throughout.  The biggest hit was the sweets table, which featured lots of homemade treats and set the stage for a berry sweet party!

everyone was invited to write a message into the "Happy Birthday to You!" book

Wall of fame that featured a photo from each month enlarged to 8 x 10's and backed with scrapbook paper
a festive sweets table that featured the cake, smash cake, homemade treats, and party favors